Vuex for Redux devs

Posted on Jan 23, 2021

Vuex for Redux devs!

Vuex as redux is a state manager, with the pattern of having the whole state separate from the UI.

This way, rendering is a pure function of the state DOM = render(vuex_state). Also you create specific functions (actions) you can call from the UI to modify the state

So far, is the same with Redux, and for everything else is just the same, with names changed everywhere.

  • mapState -> is the mapstatetoprops of react-redux, it maps the values of the state to fields/props of the component. In vue components, you map them to computed
  • getters -> is a “view” of the state, and it becomes into antother part of the state (TODO, explain this better :P), you use mapGetters to map them to the compoenent
  • mutations -> are the reducers in redux. they get an “action” with a possible payload, and change the state. as in redux they need to be pure functions. in redux you dispatch actions, in vuex you commit mutations.
  • mapMutations -> is the function to map the mutations to the component
  • actions -> is like redux-thunk middleware but is already inside the code, allows you to write functions that commit multiple mutations. and they can be async functions.