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Posted on Feb 1, 2021


0. Provide a Reason when asking for a favor

1. Contrast principle

When showed one after another, difference seems bigger

  • How is exploited? Some times sellers will show you something way expensive, and there something “just” expensive.
  • but by the contrast, seems much cheaper

2. Reciprocation

If somebody does you a favor, we feel in debt. This can trick you into doing something you would not normally do, just to feel free of debt

Rejection then retreat: a derivate of reciprocation, when asking something hard and then you negotiate, the other part feels obliged to accept, since you are already giving the a favor (lowing the demand).

In the book Never split the difference this is called anchoring, if you are able to land first the terms, you are anchoring the frame of negotiation.

3. Commitment & Consistency

  • Consistency: We all have a high pressure to behave consistently. -> People who is not consistently seems less trusty. And we all want to be trustworthy.
  • Commitment: Once we commit into something we are trap into consistency. two forces appear.
  1. Inside: our self-image changed and we want to take actions to be consistent with ourself.
  2. outside: we want to be accepted socially, so we try to keep up our belief/community

Of course, the more public the commitment is, the greater is the pressure to be consistent.

4 Principle of social proof.

To determine what is correct we look at what others do. Is a shortcut for our brain –> if is good for others, probably is good for us.

The unclearer is the situation for us, the more we look outside for an answer.

sadly, this is being exploited all the time (best sellers, canned laughs, instagram etc…)

This can lead to… pluralistic ignorance, when an emergency situation is being ignored cause everybody is looking at each other without knowing how to act, and since nobody is acting, everybody thinks it’s okay to do nothing.

5 Likely

We say yes to request from people we like:

  • physical attractivenes
  • flattery
  • similar to us

6 Authority

We are more obedient from orders that came from respectable people (Doctors/Police…)

Why? It’s another shortcut of our brain, doctors, police have earned the respect of society, they are respectable cause it’s hard to become one them.

Exploitable? Oh yes! people that want to scam us will come with a “title” or nice dressing etc..

7 Scarcity

Opportunities seem more valuable to us when their availability is limited

  • This offer is only for today
  • This house might not be for renting tomorrow

They use this techniques to make our brain to not think, and just act.

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