HammerSpoon — Workflow automation in Mac

Today I want to talk about the tool I had used more in 2017, HammerSpoon has more usage in my computer than Chrome! It’s my window manager, my application launcher and basically can automate almost any task in it.


So what is it? Hammerspoon makes accessible is just a wrapper of a bunch of obj-c API’s for accessibility, keybindings, windows, httpRequest, timers etc… and you can use them from a simple Lua program.

What can Hammerspoon do for you?

I just made my Hammerspoon configuration public in Github this week. so you can test hammerspoon without having to code anything at https://github.com/kozko2001/hammerspoon

Also you can get more inspiration from the hammerspoon’s wiki here.

Finally I get brave and create a small video showing going through my configuration and how HS work :D

Happy Development and happy Automation!