KZK Weekly — Issue #4

Software Development

Kubernetes at GitHub | GitHub

How github is moving all their infrastructure to kubernetes

puppeteer: Headless Chrome Node

A node API to control the new headless chrome

How The Android Image Loading Library Glide and Fresco Works?

30+ Bite-Sized Pro Tips to Become a Better Android

Becoming an Android developer is easy, but becoming a successful Android developer and standing out from the rest is not. It takes a lot of hard work, passion, dedication and perseverance.

The complete guide to Network Unit Testing in

Let’s face it, writing tests is not so popular in iOS. I used to be a solo developer and here is what I learned on network unit testing in Swif.

Stop Going to Meetings That Don’t Have Agendas —

If you skip creating an agenda, then your meetings can quickly go off track, get hijacked by a random topic, or include people who shouldn’t be attending.

Split User Stories Ruthlessly — And Get Value

Why do you need to split user stories? Often, you hear that it is important to split user stories.

Machine learning

Rock Paper Scissors | TensorFire

Super cool demo of machine learning on the browser, play Rock Paper scissors using the camera!

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OpenAI’s bot beats top Dota 2 player so badly that he quits by Blair Hanley

An artificial intelligence has beaten one of the world’s top Dota 2 players in single combat today.

GitHub — TensorFlow tutorials and best
EffectiveTensorflow — TensorFlow tutorials and best practices.

Must-read Parth-breaking Papers About Image
We have listed down a few path-breaking research papers on Image Classification along with some important upcoming architecture.

Stanford Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition —

The stanford university class of machine learning focused in Visual Recognition (TOP!!!)



Next iPhone8 — with his new home button adapter