KZK — Issue #1

Hi and welcome to the first issue of this newsletter!!

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I hope to make this newsletter in a weekly base, but you know… I don’t want to feel forced to, so maybe some issues will be bi-weekly or maybe monthly in the worst cases!

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Finally, I’m very glad to start this and see if the subscription growth and become a little community of technology engaged people.

Thankz!!! ;-)### Software Development


Drone IO — Jordi Coscolla —
Hey lately I have been experimenting again with a bit of all CI/CD systems, like Jenkins, GoCD and a new player that didn’t know about come up during the research of information. Please, give a warm…

Kubernetes clusters for the

This is pretty awesome tutorial, after a lot of trying to understand kubernetes tutorial, youtube videos and while I grasp the core concepts, was really hard to experiment with them. not anymore with this guide.


Hype Driven Development — DaftCode

Software development teams often make decisions about software architecture or technological stack based on inaccurate opinions, social media, and in general on what is considered to be “hot”, rather than what actually might be useful

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Indie Hackers: Learn from Profitable Businesses and

Founders share the revenue numbers behind their profitable apps, side projects, and businesses, and give in-depth interviews about how they did it.


Resources for independent developers to make money.

Burnout lo

Recovering from Burnout — Kieran


The Illustrated Children’s Guide to

You don’t understand what kubernetes is and why seems that everybody uses it? this is the a 5 year old guide to kubernetes. Perfect to grasp the concepts.

Katacoda — Interactive Learning

Courses with interactive environments to use as playground while learning new technology

React Starter Kit

React Starter Kit is a project template for building fast, robust, and modular web applications. I used this in a couple of projects and was really fast, and I didn’t have to spend like two days to configure the fucking webpack and all the plugins.

Machine learning


Last video of how to teach the computer to drive in GTA

Amazing work of @sendtex about how to train a CNN (Convolution neural network) to drive in GTA, this is the last video of 15, and on first videos he explains how everything works step by step.

Label examples

2nd place solution for the 2017 national datascience bowl — Julian de Wit — Freelance software/machine learning

At the beginning of the year, Kaggle creates a competition to detect lung cancer from 3D Images. The team that lead to the second place solution share how they make it step by step.




80’s, Hitler, KungFu, Eye lasers raptors, A hacker that wraps time… Best of the best!

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Hyperbole and a

This books is awesome, can convert on boring normal day and just by reading a bit start to laugh as a crazy motherfucker! Worth each cent.