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Export google authenticator to KeepassXC

Export from google authenticator an account you want (you should have now a QR Code) convert the QR code to a link, I used qr journal. brew install qr-journal Once done we should have an url with an schema that starts by otpauth-migration://… Migrate to normal OTP code, luckily there is this project https://github.com/dim13/otpauth go get github.com/dim13/otpauth ~/go/bin/otpauth -link "otpauth-migration://.... Now we should have another url with a query parameter secret=…… We can go to Keepass, select our password entry, right click and setup the TOTP with the secret!

Github Actions - Push to docker image to AWS

We all know the benefits of pushing code automatically to production, here is a small guide on how to do it with Github actions and AWS. The high level steps are: Create a docker image repository in AWS ( ECR ) Create a single user in AWS that only has permissions to add images to the ECR Configure login of the pipeline into AWS Configure the pipeline to do the push Step 1 - Create a docker image repository 🔗For use of all this code, we are going to use AWS-CDK a library to create infrastructure from our code.

Run or Raise

Run-or-Raise shortcuts, are global shortcuts for focusing the window on an app (if already running) or launching it. I have to confess I got addicted, it feels extremely natural to just have a chord (Ctrl-Cmd-Option) and some other key to bring whatever you need in your screen. No more Cmd-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab until find the app you want. In mac, I get there with Hammerspoon. It’s just a lua embed runtime that give you all the accesibility API in MacOSX.