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Chapter 1 - Problem with org charts 🔗Most IT organizations have a big challenge of being fast (time to market), adaptable (pivot) and being safe (great experience for the user). To achive success most organizations split the work in business units, and use a “map” to clarify expectations (the org-chart) This creates bottleneck’s communications, but don’t worry, great employes will find alternative communication paths. There are 3 types of communication path in any org: - Formal path: the org chart - Informal path: realm of the personal influence - Value creation structure: How work is actually gets done


Panallets is a traditional desert made for la castanyada (the Chestnut day) 1 of Nov. Some recipes here, The recipes have 2 parts, one is the base that needs to rest in the fridge for a night (at least 2 hours), and then you actually finish them with the different flavours, being the pine nuts the most typical one base with potato 🔗 Boil a potato, until it’s soft in a bowl, add sugar, almond flour and the potato knead the mix until it have uniform texture Let the mixture rest for a night in the fridge base without potate (traditional one) 🔗 In a pot, add 350g of sugar and 150g of watter Stir in the fire, until you have a syrup Add 500g of almond flour stir, until you have a mix with uniform texture Reserve to the fridge for a night Pine nuts panallets 🔗 Make small balls of the base with the hands Add the pine nuts around the ball Paint with egg yolk until it’s all goldish Prepare the oven at 200C and let bake them for around 5/6 minutes Enjoy!

AppSmith - low code platform opensource

#TIL Appsmith an opensource low-code platform

Book - Share like an artist

Book - share like an artist 🔗Chapter 0 🔗 An alternative to self promoting, showing your work so other can steal from it Paradigm shift, no more making amazing things in secrecy Now share what you are doing and use the networks for gather feedback, know people even patronize your work Chapter 1 🔗 Lonely genius vs scenius (a scene of people with common interests ) Start thinking what we can do for others Connect with an raceme is easier than never.

Kubernetes administration

Kubernetes administration 🔗Components of the cluster 🔗ETCD 🔗 a key-base database that is high available. Used to store the current state of the cluster kube-apiserver 🔗 Central api that all components use to ask for change or query info. Also is the API that we use with kubectl Scheduler 🔗 In charge to decide to wich node each pod has to go Kube Controller Manager 🔗 Manager of diferent logics in the k8s cluster

What? So What? And now What?

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AWS certified solution architect associate

AWS certified solution architect associate 🔗Compute 🔗EC2 Basic 🔗EC2 Types: 🔗 Generar purpose: A, T, M Compute: C Memory optimized: R, X, z Accelerated computing: P, G, F Storage Optimized: H, I, D EC2 Purchase options 🔗 on demand: pay per time of each instance (most expensive). Recommended for short term jobs that cannot be interrupted saving plans: lower prices but commitment to use X amount of USD per hour Reserved instances: lower prices but commitment to use a specific region, instance type Spot instance: bid for the time, good for analytics or short jobs that can be stopped Dedidacated hosts: Pay for a physical host, and bring your existing software licenses Dedicates instances: like on demand, but the physical host is not shared with anybody Capacity reservation: Reserve capacity for your EC2 in specific AZ for any duration (like reseverd instance, but in any time frame and apply and cancel in any time) EC2 - Networking 🔗 Security group: statefull (if you specify that a port is allowed for incomming, if a incoming request is started, we can talk back) NACL: Optional, rules at the level of subnet for allowing/denying trafic (stateless) Elastic IP: give a static ip to a EC2 instance, you can move this EIP around to give it to another instance (ie: fail mode, the instance doesn’t work and you give the IP to another EC2) Elastic Network interface: represents Virtual Network cards, this allows a EC2 instance to have more than 1 IP address in the subnet EBS 🔗 EBS Volumes: Block level storage,

CCDAK (Confluente Certified Developer for Apache Kafka) Notes == Cloud.Guru

CCDAK (Confluente Certified Developer for Apache Kafka) 🔗1 Introduction 🔗1.1 Installation 🔗 Kafka need around 6Gb of JVM Heap Space kafka-topics --list --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 # get the list of topics 1.2 What is Kafka 🔗What is: publish and subscribe to streams of data records store the records in a fault-tolerant and scalable fashion Process streams of records in real-team Kafka can be used to: messaging streaming Strong points: very reliable (not losing data) Fault tolerance robust API 1.

AWS App runner

#TIL AWS App runner 🔗Is like BeansTalk but for containers. You just provide the code, and App Runner does the rest (ECR, Fargate, Load Balance… even build the service ) More info https://semaphoreci.com/blog/aws-app-runner


neovim-config 🔗Followed the Youtube series of neovim from scratch. Here are some notes I took :) To install just clone the repository into ~/.config/nvim/ During first execution, is normal that something is missing… Just execute :PackerInstall Execute :LSPInstall to install LspClients notes 🔗We are using lua, that means we have the configuration spread around the files, and importing them in the init.lua What are AutoCmd 🔗Are scripts that can be executed when specific events happens, for example we could set to reload the plugins, each time the plugins.